Why should your business be on Instagram?

Businesses can benefit significantly from having an Instagram account due to its visual nature and broad audience reach. Instagram lets them showcase products and services engagingly, increasing brand exposure and awareness. By posting regularly, using relevant hashtags, and engaging with their audience, businesses can optimize their Instagram presence for better results.

Additionally, utilizing features like Instagram Stories and collaborating with influencers can enhance their online visibility and drive engagement and sales.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a popular social media platform where users share photos and videos. You can post content, create Stories that last 24 hours, make short videos called Reels, go live, and even shop from e-commerce brands within the app. Owned by Meta, Instagram is especially popular among younger users, with a significant portion under 34 years old. It’s a valuable tool for businesses to connect with millennials, Gen Z, and other demographics through visual content and marketing efforts.

Why your business should be on Instagram?

Check out these 12 reasons why Instagram is becoming an increasingly important business platform and how your company can benefit from using the social media site.

1. Expansive User Base: Instagram’s user base has surged to an impressive 2 billion monthly users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms globally. Notably, 63% of U.S. users access Instagram daily, with 97% engaging monthly. This vast audience presents limitless business opportunities to connect and thrive with a focused Instagram strategy.

2. Universal Business Appeal: Instagram’s diverse user base, spanning various demographics, interests, and industries, offers a fertile ground for businesses of all sizes to flourish. Whether a multinational corporation or a local startup, every business can leverage Instagram’s platform to gain traction. While success may take time, maintaining an active presence and posting consistently (at least once daily) can significantly enhance brand visibility and audience engagement. Noteworthy brands like Coca-Cola and Adidas, alongside numerous small businesses, exemplify how a strategic approach to Instagram can drive growth and success.

3. Monetization Opportunities: Businesses can generate revenue directly from Instagram through various avenues:

  • Direct Sales: Instagram’s e-commerce features, including the Shop tab and shoppable posts, enable businesses to sell products directly on the platform, streamlining the purchasing process for users.
  • Shoppable Posts: With shoppable posts, businesses can tag products in their photos, allowing users to view product details and make purchases with a simple click, directing them to the online store.
  • Brand Ambassador Partnerships: Collaborating with brand ambassadors through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing can drive sales leads and boost revenue by leveraging their influence to promote products or services.

4. Building Relatability: Instagram offers a platform to humanize your business and connect with potential customers personally.

  • Instagram Stories: Share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your company, such as product creation processes, office interactions, or community involvement, through engaging videos and images.
  • Instagram Live Events: Hosting live Q&A sessions or showcasing real-time events on Instagram Live can create trust, and credibility with your followers, providing an authentic peek into your company’s culture and operations.

5. Enhanced Visibility with Hashtags: Utilizing hashtags effectively on Instagram can significantly boost your business’s visibility.

  • Power of Popular Hashtags: Incorporating trending and popular hashtags, like Coca-Cola’s #ShareaCoke or Charmin’s #TweetFromTheSeat, can elevate your brand’s recognition and engagement, aligning it with pop culture references and industry standards.
  • Leveling the Playing Field: Despite being a small business, strategic hashtag usage can help your company stand out amidst the competition, distinguishing your brand and attracting potential customers.

6. Effective Customer Engagement: Engaging with your audience is crucial for social media marketing success, and Instagram excels.

  • Daily Interaction: Utilize Instagram to encourage customers to share feedback and opinions regularly, fostering a sense of community and connection.
  • Interactive Features: Instagram’s platform allows users to like, comment, and share posts, providing ample opportunities for customers to engage with your content. The more interactions your posts receive, the greater visibility your business gains.
  • Boosting Engagement: Increase likes by posting high-quality photos, utilizing local hashtags to reach a targeted audience, and collaborating with other brands to expand your reach and engagement.

7. Mobile-Centric Platform: Instagram’s mobile-first approach sets it apart from other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, which initially started as browser-based sites.

  • Mobile Usage Dominance: With 88% of users’ time spent on mobile apps, according to eMarketer data, Instagram naturally attracts mobile users, presenting a significant opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience.
  • Optimized Content: Ensure your business’s Instagram posts are tailored for mobile screens and accessibility. Instagram’s clean layout contrasts with Facebook’s cluttered interface, making prioritizing Instagram posts crucial for expanding reach and engagement.

8. Utilize Instagram Insights for Strategy Refinement: It is a valuable tool for businesses to refine their social media marketing strategies.

  • Audience Insights: Gain valuable information about your followers, including demographics, location, and activity on the app, helping you understand your audience better.
  • Performance Analysis: Assess how well your posts perform, identifying trends and preferences among your audience. This data enables you to find your content for better engagement and reach.
  • Optimal Posting Times: Determine the best times to post based on audience activity, maximizing the visibility and impact of your content. Incorporating Insights data into your strategy allows for continuous improvement and better results across all social media marketing campaigns.


Instagram is a must for businesses today. With its massive audience, ignoring this platform means missing out on millions of potential customers. Even without spending money on ads or sponsorships, businesses can build a significant following for free. Not being on Instagram could be a big mistake for your business.

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