Shree Retina Care

About Client

Shree Retina Care, an eye hospital in Raipur, Chattisgarh, offers super-advanced medical care for eyes.


Our doctors at Shree Retina Care needed help with their online presence. They didn’t know how to rank their website or get new leads. Digital marketing, especially social media, was confusing for them. They didn’t get the desired results even though they paid a digital agency for help. To make things worse, their account got blocked, the website was incomplete, and they got no mobile responses. It was a digital mess.


They came across us and we understood their business thoroughly. Our initial step involved revamping their website to ensure a more modern and effective online representation. Following that, we renovated their social media platforms, giving them a fresh and appealing look. We also initiated the best SEO strategy and implemented new and relevant keywords to boost their online visibility. We did many things to enhance their online presence.


The results were highly delightful. Since the 5 months we have maintained their SEO, their online presence has increased greatly. Moreover, they are using our Appointment app, and the clients are happy with our service.


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